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Unreal will come to Android says Mark Rein

Epic Games vice president promises Unreal Development Kit for Google's OS

The Unreal Development Kit (UDK) will eventually appear for Google's Android operating system, according to new comments made by Epic Games vice president Mark Rein.

Speaking to website Gamasutra he stated that, "We've been supporting [Android] for quite a while, and we've been providing [Unreal Engine 3] in source code format to our licensees."

"UDK is a totally different story," explained Rein."It'd be difficult for anybody right now to make a game with UDK and ship it on Android, because Unreal is for making high-end, high-quality-content games, and most of them are pretty large, because you can make a large game with it."

Rein reiterated that the biggest issues for Android support is that software's 50MB limited for apps, which makes Unreal Engine 3 developed games difficult.

As a result Rein has already come out in support of Google's recent crackdown on Android customisation and fragmentation.

"UDK will come eventually to Android, and Google is going to solve that problem - we know they're working on it, but we don't know the release date and we don't know when it will get into the hands of all the different vendors with all the different phones," said Rein.

The UDK was originally created for iOS platforms, with the Epic-published Infinity Blade proving a technological milestone for games on Apple formats. However it is not yet available for rival smartphone operating system Android.

Yesterday Rein confirmed that the game would not be released on the platform because of a lack of consistency in the operating system.

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