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PSP outsells 3DS again in Japan

Hardware sales drop by 10,000 for Nintendo's newest portable format

The PSP has again outsold the 3DS in Japan, with sales of Nintendo's new handheld dropping by 10,000 units to just 32,910.

All formats have seen a drop though in what has been a very slow week for the market in Japan, with the best-selling software title recording just 64,000 unit sales.

According to data obtained by Andriasang, sales of the PSP-3000 alone dropped by almost 22,000 in just the space of the week, to a total of 35,478. Combined sales with 356 units of the PSPgo stood at 35,834.

The PlayStation 3 experienced a drop of 5000 units to 22,431, but remained easily the best-selling home format. Wii sales fell by around 1500 units, dropping to a four digit total of just 8825.

The Nintendo DS family of consoles sold 16,935 units in total (DSi XL: 8386, DSi: 8035, DS Lite: 514) - a drop of just over 2000 units. The PlayStation 2 was down a few hundred to 1395, but the Xbox 360 was up slightly to 1906.

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