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HMV launches trade-in price checking app

Free Android and iOS program lets customers check current prices

HMV has launched a free Android and iOS app which allows customers to check how much their video games are worth in credit when traded in at an HMV store.

The re/play app was developed for the retailer by MoPowered. Users can enter game details manually or scan a barcode to check the latest potential trade-in prices. The app also details in-store offers and gives directions to the nearest local branch. Under the re/play scheme, games can be traded in for store credit, money off purchases or cash rebates.

"We're incredibly proud and excited to be the-first-to-UK-market with a games trade-in app for iPhone and Android," said HMV's re/play manager Martin Baxter. "This ground-breaking app will not only become a must-have download for current trade-in users, but will encourage a whole new range of customers who may have previously lacked the confidence or awareness to trade their games in.

"Whether users choose the manual search option or the equally simple barcode scanner, they will be given an instant trade-in value for their games and consoles before being directed to their nearest HMV. Our re/play app will not only reduce current store transaction times, but will enable customers to quickly select new games and other products they wish to trade-in against, safe in the knowledge of how much they have to spend.

"By launching this innovative new service HMV will further improve its customer experience, boost its mobile credentials and maintain its status as a credible destination specialist for games and other entertainment content."

Earlier this month HMV announced that it was lowering profit expectations for the financial year - the company's fifth profit warning in a year.

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