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Minecraft comes out of beta on November 11

"It's really more of a milestone" than an official release, say Persson

PC phenomenon Minecraft will come out of beta on the November 11, according to creator Markus Persson.

He said it's not a launch as such, as the game won't significantly change compared to the current beta, which has been bought by around 2 million users and generated more than £20 million.

"It's a bit tricky to really do a release for Minecraft as we keep updating it all the time," offered Persson.

"For one, the version we deem as the 'full version' won't be very different at all from what the game was like a week ago, and we'll keep adding features after the release as well, so it's really more of a milestone when we finally get rid of the Beta label, and some kind of goal for us to work towards.

"The plan is to be open with this and try to get people to cheer us on as much as possible, but to be open with the fact that the game won't change much at the actual release day."

The 11/11/11 date sees the game clash with a number of other entertainment releases, including Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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