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Australian 3DS launch breaks records

31,000 units sold in four days, as new portable matches Wii success

The 3DS has broken more launch records, this time upon its release in Australia - where it has become the fastest-selling handheld in the country's history.

The new Nintendo portable sold 31,000 units on its debut, according to website Vooks This fell just short of the home console record set by the Wii with 32,000. However, the Wii record was set during a full week at retail and the 3DS figure is after only four days.

With a population around a third that of the UK, the figures compare to a two-day total in Britain of 113,000 and in Germany of 50,000. The 3DS costs 349 Australian dollars - the equivalent of around £225 and not much more than the price in Europe.

The 3DS has broken handheld records in all major territories so far, but concerns have been raised that sales are already slowing down - particularly in Japan.

Yesterday US analysts suggested that sales had "slowed considerably" in recent weeks, although Screen Digest estimated that the console was still likely to sell a healthy 11.6 million by the end of the year.

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