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PopCap's new studio has debut title rejected by Apple

4th & Battery's Unpleasant Horse deemed too mature for initial rating

PopCap's new studio, 4th & Battery, has had its first submission to the App Store rejected by Apple on grounds on mature content.

The title, Unpleasant Horse, was announced on April 5 as the first game out of the gates at 4th & Battery - a studio which PopCap says is designed to give designers an opportunity to express themselves freely in small projects without the pressures of large-scale development.

However, Unpleasant Horse's gameplay, which involves bouncing on other horses and 'meat grinders', was judged by Apple to be unsuitable for the original rating certificate it was submitted under.

4th and Battery have yet to issue a formal statement on the rebuttal but are thought to be resubmitting the game for a higher maturity certificate.

Tweets from the company's official account, since deleted and amended, first expressed (somewhat affected) disbelief at the rejection but have since indicated that resubmission will be taking place.

An official statement is expected in due course.

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