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Sony tracks hackers as users vent rage

Subscription and download refunds under consideration as indie studios weather storm

Sony has vowed to "proceed aggressively" in its attempts to track down hackers responsible for the PlayStation Network security breach, although customer anger at the incursion is already beginning to mount.

Although the basic PSN service is free to use some users are already demanding refunds for PlayStation Plus, music and video service Qriocity, and downloadable games - many of which do not work without a connection to PSN.

As a result Sony has updated its FAQ on the incident, but has so far made no promises regarding compensation: "When the full services are restored and the length of the outage is known, we will assess the correct course of action."

As the FAQ points out some games, mainly downloadable PSN titles, require PSN access for Trophy syncs and security checks.

Speaking to website IGN indie developers Mad Block Alpha and Open Emotion have indicated that Sony has already offered to help overcome problems from the outage. Both studios were due to see new content added to PSN last week, with Open Emotion CEO Paddy Murphy commenting:

"Sony will be helping us retain key focus [prominent placement on the PSN Store] for an extra few weeks as they understand how something like this can affect a small dev studio like ours."

"As it's our first week in the US, I'm sure it will affect sales, but we have to understand that Sony wouldn't take down the entire PSN on a whim. As long as they can give us some marketing assistance when the PSN is back up, we are sure we will be able to recoup our potential losses," he added.

Ordinary users though have not been so understanding, with the official PlayStation websites now filed with angry and concerned comments.

"What makes Sony look so bad is the silent treatment you have been giving us from day one. Facts are you knew that your system was compromised, you did [not] say a thing about it till days later and even then didn't tell us you suspected personal information might have been compromised," said user 'Agriel'.

"Sony you dropped the ball big time on this, you should fire your PR department because they don't have a [DELETED] clue what they are doing, and totally screwed you in this," he continued.

"I loved this set up on PSN and now I'm so [DELETED] off with what has happened I shall never trust Sony again ever. Looks like I'm going to be getting a [DELETED]box," added user 'Sutman'.

Some customers have been more understanding though, with 'Carnivius_Prime' commenting: "I can understand the frustrations but if anything it should be the hacker getting all the blame here. Why these guys can't simply just leave things alone. I'm sure Microsoft and Nintendo would have reacted the same way as Sony if it had happened to their services. I hope the hackers are tracked down and jailed."

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