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Jaffe to Iwata: "You can't put a price on fun"

God Of War creator describes Nintendo boss's GDC speech as "good old-fashioned irony"

Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe has railed against comments made by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during his keynote at GDC, claiming that you "can't put a price on fun".

Speaking to sister site Eurogamer, Jaffe claimed that Iwata's suggestion that "game development is drowning" - with too many low-price, low quality downloads - was wrong.

"I was at [Iwata's] keynote, three, four years ago. He stood on stage, had this great, powerful presentation where he was talking about disruption," said Jaffe. "I don't know if it's karma or good old fashioned irony that now he's pushing back against the very thing he was claiming was valuable in his earlier keynote, which is disruption."

"The reality is, you can't put a price on fun," said Jaffe at a press event for his forthcoming new Twisted Metal title. "I don't care if it's 99 cents or $150 or $1000 over the years in sub fees to an online MMO."

"Fun is fun, so I think it's an absurd concept to say, this is the criteria, these are the ingredients you [need] to make fun otherwise you can't play. That's bullsh*t, man."

Jaffe agreed that Apple could "absolutely" become the biggest force in gaming, although he personally is signed to a three-game exclusive publishing deal with Sony.

"I heard somebody the other day say Apple TV, which I love, they're going to start putting the App Store on Apple TV with games," said Jaffe. "I'm like 'holy shit'. So yeah, it's possible."

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