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Move outsells Kinect 2:1 in Japan

2010 peripheral data shows over 750,000 sales for PS3 Torne digital recorder

Sales of Sony's PlayStation Move motion control system were more than double those of Microsoft's Kinect in Japan last year, as retail data for a number of peripherals is revealed.

Information from regular chart compilers Media Create, as translated by Andriasang, shows that the Kinect system sold 90,000 units in Japan through to January 2, 2011. By comparison the PlayStation Move sold 170,000 units up to the same period.

The figures include bundles, but it is likely the Move total also includes both the Navigation Controller and multiple Move controllers bought for the same household. Move was also released earlier in the year than Kinect, although there were reports in November that sales in Japan had already begun to stall.

Other figures revealed by the data include 784,000 unit sales for the DVR accessory Torne for the PlayStation 3. The device is similar in concept to the European PlayTV add-on, and allows television programmes to be stored and recorded on the PlayStation 3 hard drive.

Finally, it is revealed that red Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary version of the Wii home console sold 97,442 units last year in Japan.

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David Jenkins