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LucasArts and EA vets launch November Software

New casual studio to bring "high-fidelity atmosphere" to social gaming market

Veterans of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series and EA Tiburon have formed a new casual games developer in San Francisco, called November Software.

The studio intends to focus on high-end streaming 3D content and mobile-based social games, utilising the founders' experience working on home console titles.

The studio has already announced its first title as Inemeri: A Familiar World, which will feature social gaming elements and high end 3D content for web and iOS platforms.

"We are gamers and we want to take what we know and love about next-gen games: the deep immersion, high-fidelity atmosphere, multi-layered skill based mechanics, and bring them into the casual social gaming world," said co-founder Szymon Swistun.

"At first we felt a bit out of our element in terms of the social gaming paradigms, but after spending countless nights refining our design we now feel we are on the verge of creating a new style of game-play that is really collaborative and fun."

A closed beta for Inemeri will be launched this summer, with a limited number of applications still available. More information is available at the official website.