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Live pitching session for Nordic Game 2011

€10,000 investment promised as track begins to accept developer pitches

The dedicated Financing & Investment track for the forthcoming Nordic Game event will end in a live pitching session with €10,000 up for grabs for successful developers.

The track will begin with an invite-only event on May 10, with public sessions planned for the first day of the main conference on May 11. This will include a panel on investment hotspots led by Fred Hasson of Games Capital.

Also participating will be David Gardner of London Venture Partners, John Chasey of Chasey Consulting, Marc Jackson of Seahorn Capital Group, and Thomas Bidaux of ICO Partners.

A second panel on the subject of future game financing will feature Eggert Claessen from the Frumtak Investment Fund, Siggi Koegl from Attaction Group, and Risa Cohen of Risa Cohen Productions.

Business proposals to be considered for the final pitching session can be made via the following email address, before April 29.

"It takes particular courage to stand in front of your peers and give away a potentially good idea, but any entrepreneur worth his or her salt would want a chance to bring in money, however much it is. I wish them luck and I hope they may well be our customers at Games Capital" said Fred Hasson, CEO of Games Capital.

Nordic Game 2011 is due to take place on May 11-12 in Malmö, Sweden. It will feature more than 60 speakers from companies including PopCap, Insomniac, Autodesk, NaturalMotion, Codemasters, CCP, Microsoft, and Sony.

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