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Street Fighter producer "half happy" over game info leaks

Yoshinori Ono pleased that "people are interested" but worried at sales impact

Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has admitted that he is torn over repeated news leaks concerning his game projects, as he compares gamers' interest in properties such as Street Fighter to that of celebrity gossip.

"It's an interesting feeling because it's kind of half and half for me," he told Destructoid. "The first half, obviously, [is that] it's not cool to disrespect our very carefully laid plans. It could disrupt sales, it affects the likelihood of sequels coming out, it has a big chain reaction effect that the leaker initially hadn't necessarily concerned himself with."

But Ono admitted that he did understand the level of interest. "I'm probably going to get trouble once this goes to print," he added. "But I'll say it anyway..."

"So in addition to half of the feelings, which is disappointment, the other half is it kind of makes me happy," he replied. "It just shows people are interested, and that they're so excited about a game that they'll go to great lengths and jump through big hoops to get information out there. It just shows how much they're looking forward to these titles. Honestly, it does make me half happy."

The entire roster for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was leaked several months before the game's release, with information on Street Fighter X Tekken also appearing online before embargos from the Captivate press event lifted yesterday.

Confirmation of the Arcade Edition downloadable content for Super Street Fighter IV also leaked in full detail on Monday, several days before the official announcement.

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