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Xbox Project Scorpio will debut in China this year

Untapped console sector to get high-end device around the same time as the US and Europe

Project Scorpio will launch in China this year, Microsoft has announced.

The news was part of a series of announcements Microsoft made around Windows 10, Surface Pro and HoloLens for the territory.

It's notable because this will mark the first time a major games console has launched in China around the same time as its European and US counterpart. Xbox One did launch in China, but a year after its debut in the US and select European markets.

The console market in China remains small, despite the country relaxing its 13-year ban on foreign games consoles. The territory generates most of its game revenue from mobile, free-to-play and PC online titles.

Project Scorpio will be fully unveiled at next month's E3 conference. It marks Xbox's efforts to create a high-end gaming device that will attract the more dedicated console userbase.

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