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Penny Arcade Expo launches global expansion

New "Powered By PAX" events to spread worldwide, starting with GC Play in Guangzhou, China

The Penny Arcade Expo has already expanded from a single webcomic fan convention to a collection of five annual expos across the US and in Australia, but it has aspirations to grow considerably beyond that. Today Penny Arcade and pop culture event organizer ReedPOP announced the Powered By PAX brand, a series of gaming events worldwide beginning with GC Play in Guangzhou China, November 10-12.

As the official site explains, "Powered By PAX means that the teams that craft the PAX experience are involved in the vision and planning of shows around the world, working with local teams in each region to make a show that feels true to the gamers attending it."

The Powered By PAX events seek to merge staples of the primary PAX events like panels, competitions, and concerts, while integrating aspects tailored around the local gaming communities.

"Just like games powered by 3D engines, the Powered by PAX brand will bring the culture, content, and community of PAX to new shows internationally," PAX global content director Guy 'Yug' Blomberg said. "We have a strong team and excellent partners in China to make the show awesome and unique, along with international support from Penny Arcade and ReedPOP North America."

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