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Almost every new Rift owner has bought Touch controllers

Oculus' Paul Jastrzebski says attach rates are “very close” to 1:1 following price drop

Sales for the Oculus Touch motion controllers have surged since a surprise price cut back in March, to the point where they have been picked up by the vast majority of new customers.

Oculus slashed the price back at GDC, announcing $100 cuts for both the Rift and Touch during Epic's keynote presentation. It was a move welcomed by some, although questioned by others since $600 for the pair is still a barrier to entry for many consumers.

However, speaking at Digital Dragons last week, the firm's publishing and developer relations boss Paul Jastrzebski said the new price has significantly driven adoption for the motion controllers when consumers are purchasing a headset, Destructoid reports.

"We're seeing very, very high attach rates," he said. "That's partly why we wanted to drop the price point. We realise that at $200, it was still a little high for it. So we drop the price to $99 and I think we've found a very close 1:1. Close to that."

However, he did not elaborate on how strong the attach rates were prior to the price cut, or how many early Rift owners later picked up the controllers once they had launched.

Unsurprisingly, Jastrzebski urged developers to create VR titles for the Touch controllers rather than a traditional gamepad. This makes sense if the install base is shifting towards motion controllers as the standard form of input for virtual reality - although concrete sales figures would no doubt help developers feel more confident about this.

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