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Microsoft intros AR/VR motion controllers

Windows 10 inputs will launch this holiday bundled with an Acer headset for $399

Microsoft today unveiled a key piece of its "mixed reality" VR ecosystem for Windows 10, debuting new motion controllers designed to work with a coming range of headsets. As reported by CNET, the new controllers were shown off at Microsoft's Build developer conference.

Each controller features a thumbstick, a touch pad, trigger and grip buttons. One key selling point for the controllers is that they don't rely on external sensors apart from a Windows 10 mixed reality headset. As long as the controllers are within the headset's field of vision, they should be precisely tracked. Microsoft is hoping that makes for a simpler set-up process than existing VR headsets, but it raises questions about how well developers would be able to track hand motions outside the player's view.

Another focus for Microsoft is cost. The company said its new controllers will launch this holiday season in a bundle with an Acer mixed reality headset for $399.

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