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Chinese games market to hit $35bn by 2021 - Niko Partners

Mobile revenue to account for 58% of the market

Chinese games revenue will grow by $9bn over the next five years, says analysts Niko Partners.

The firm estimates that the business will be worth $35bn, primarily from mobile games, which will overtake PC to become 58% of the market.

PC online games will still grow, but slowly. The firm expects an annual growth rate of 1.5%. The move will continue from MMORPG titles to MOBA and FPS games.

As for the poor old console market, this will only account for 1.2% of the business - with PlayStation taking the lead. The grey console market will continue to dominate due to the lag in consoles launching in the territory.

Currently, Niko estimates that 44% of the Chinese population play games, and this will grow to 54% by 2021.

The firm's estimates are based on a survey of 1,000 Chinese gamers, interviews with leading Chinese games companies - including developers and payment companies. Plus additional research into player behaviour and trends.

"With $26 billion in domestic digital games revenue in 2017, the Chinese games market is the single most important market in the world for PC and mobile games," said Niko Partner's Lisa Cosmas Hanson.

"There are nearly 600 million gamers in China, which is nearly two times the population of the United States, and with the proper effort to get to know them and the regulations of the country, this user base presents a great opportunity for global game developers and publishers."

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