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Star Trek: Bridge Crew bundled for free with HTC Vive

Highly anticipated Ubisoft VR experience being used to shift Vive units

HTC has updated its Vive bundles to include a free copy of Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

The VR game was unveiled at E3 last year to a positive reception, and places players into various roles on the bridge of a USS starship. It's one of the more anticipated VR projects on the release schedule and was part of four VR Ubisoft titles unveiled last year, which also included Eagle Flight, Trackmania Turbo and Werewolves Within. The game is available now and has been created by Red Storm.

There will also be additional special promotional bundles released to coincide with the launch of the game, including a number of 'build you own Cyberpower PC' options (which includes a PC, HTC Vive and a copy of the game), and discounts for anyone who buys a Vive and a member of the MSI Radeon RX 580 family of graphics cards.

HTC is also planning a launch event for Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which will take place tomorrow (Thursday, June 1st) at Portal VR in Seattle.

Previous Vive pack ins, such as Job Simulator, have gone on to enjoy significant success.

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