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GAME launches £36 'Elite' loyalty scheme

Consumers can get more reward points this way

GAME is launching a new loyalty scheme that will cost gamers £36 a year.

It's in addition to its existing loyalty card service, which rewards points based on purchases and can be used to offset the cost of future titles.

The GAME Elite scheme basically offers consumers extra loyalty points on top of what they'd already get. That's 10% extra points for all physical games, merchandise and accessories, 4% for consoles, VR, phones and tablets and an additional 2% on digital purchases and pre-owned.

In addition, the firm will make available exclusive offers to GAME Elite members, beginning with PlayStation VR bundles, Xbox One consoles and a selection of games.

Anyone that signs up now, can get 12 months membership for £33.

The model speaks a little to GAME's recent efforts to generate extra revenue from its core consumers, and become less reliant on trade marketing support. Its recent range of Belong outlets - shops where gamers can come along and play against one another in tournaments - also charges consumers to take part. GAME says this has proven successful so far.

Interestingly, discounts to Belong is not included in the Elite membership. A membership scheme to local Belong stores would likely be appealing to regular users of this service.

GAME insists that consumers cannot lose with this Elite loyalty service. It says that if members have received "less points back from purchases than the fee you have paid for your membership for those 12 months, we will give you the difference back in points".

"The launch of GAME Elite will provide our community with some truly market-leading offers and reward point deals, giving them the best value for money on the latest games, consoles and accessories," said GAME COO Guy Lister. "We're always looking to tailor our offer to what best suits our customers, as is shown by our increased focus on competitive and experiential gaming in recent years and GAME Elite is another example of this giving UK gamers even more options and benefits when buying the latest kit."