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Forge of Empires reaches €250m lifetime revenue

And InnoGames' biggest hit is gathering momentum, with €150m earned in less than half its five-year lifetime

InnoGames' Forge of Empires has now earned €250 million in revenue, with the majority of that amount being made in the last two of its five-year lifetime.

Forge of Empires launched in open beta as a free-to-play browser game in April 2012, with iOS and Android versions both available by early 2015. In June of that year, its lifetime revenue hit €100 million, meaning that InnoGames has earned another €150 million from both the mobile and browser versions in the two years since.

Forge of Empires is the most successful game in the company's portfolio of six free-to-play titles. According to CPO Armin Busen, the company "never expected this global hit," but it has gathered momentum through launching new content every week throughout 2016.

The most important factor, though, is Forge of Empires' successful transition to mobile. InnoGames said that "more than half" of all new registrations are on mobile platforms across its entire portfolio, and it has several mobile-only games in development.

"I'm especially proud of our achievements in mobile as we've been able to grow this segment to our main driver in terms of revenue which underlines our successful overall transition to mobile," said CEO Hendrik Klindworth in a statement. "We are excited to further accelerate our journey while providing our players with the best game experiences possible."

InnoGames now employs 400 people in its offices in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. In 2016, it earned €130 million in revenue, and sold a 35% stake to MTG based on a €260 million valuation.

In March this year, MTG upped its stake to a 51% majority.

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