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GamesAid launches 'Digital for Good' fundraising initiative

War for the Overworld DLC gives all revenue to charity

UK games industry charity GamesAid has launched its 'Digital For Good' fundraising initiative.

The initiative will see developers and publishers donate in-game content that can be used to raise funds for the charities that GamesAid supports. Full games, in-game items and DLC can all be donated via Steam - either permanently or for a set time limit - to support the Digital For Good Initiative. To get involved click here.

The first developer to support this initiative is Brightrock Games with its War for the Overworld title. The firm has released a variety pack of skins and themes - called The Cynical Imp - which is available at a variety of different donation tiers. It's available here.

The games industry has raised £2.5m for GamesAid, which is an umbrella charity that passes that money onto various organisations that support disadvantaged young people. The industry nominates and votes for the charities that will receive the funds. Last year, Action For Kids, Lifelites, SpecialEffect, Solving Kids' Cancer, MAPS, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, Blackpool Carers Centre, Aidis Trust, Accuro and Access Sport all received funds from the games industry.

"The industry is evolving and with it so are the options to raise funds for the charities that GamesAid supports," said GamesAid Chair Ian Chambers. "This initiative offers game developers and publishers a straightforward and impactful way through which to raise funds from their content."

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