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PopCap Seattle getting downsized

Studio hit with an unspecified number of layoffs as it "refocuses on key titles"

The official PopCap Twitter account has today shared some unfortunate news for the developer's Seattle studio. A note from PopCap GM Matt Nutt indicates that the EA-owned mobile company is cutting some staff in Seattle in order to focus on "key titles and new projects."

"Our PopCap studio in Seattle continues to be home to amazingly creative teams. But we need to evolve to ensure our big ideas are going to continue to excite and give players more of what we do best - inspiring the world to play, together," said Nutt.

"We're saying goodbye to some talented colleagues and friends today, and that hurts. We will help them with severance and other assistance, and wish every single one of them the absolute best. PopCap Seattle isn't going anywhere - we're re-focused and re-energized. We're returning to our roots - smaller, leaner, pushing hard to build new things, and aiming to excited fans worldwide with our games. We'll keep working to deliver more for some of our existing Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies titles, but we're also going to try some new things, too."

PopCap was acquired by Electronic Arts back in July 2011 and went through significant changes in the years after. At the start of 2014, co-founders Dave Roberts and Jason Kapalka left, and later that same year, John Vechey - another co-founder who had stepped into the GM role after Roberts and Kapalka - also decided to move on. In recent years, PopCap has ventured into console development with the generally well-received shooter franchise, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

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