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Kartridge offers developers 100% of revenue up to $10,000

Exclusive games will also get 90% up to $40k, in new terms aimed at "smaller developers"

Kongregate's new storefront Kartridge will give developers 100% of revenue up to $10,000 in sales, making what was a promotional offer into a permanent feature of the platform.

The offer was supposed to expire in October 2018, but Kartridge has extended it indefinitely following, "overwhelmingly positive developer feedback." Developers can take advantage of those terms on every game sold through Kartridge.

In addition, the storefront is offering another advantageous revenue share in exchange for exclusivity. Any game selling exclusively through Kartridge will return 100% of sales up to $10,000 to the developer, and 90% on the next $40,000.

In a blog post published yesterday, Kartridge noted that he exclusivity period can be terminated by the developer at any time. However, it will only be available to games available exclusively on Kartridge before October 31, 2018.

"One of our goals with Kartridge is to help independent developers succeed, and these bonus terms are a way for developers to jumpstart their earnings," said Kongregate CEO Emily Greer in a statement.

"These bonuses will be especially valuable to small developers as they look to gain traction with their games... The feedback we have received from developers on these offers and the platform in general has been outstanding."

When the terms of these promotions have been exhausted, developers will receive 70% of revenue earned through sales on Kartridge.

You can read our interview with Emily Greer about Kartridge by following this link.

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