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EA changes executive titles

Patrick Söderlund becomes company-wide chief design officer as Laura Miele takes over EA Worldwide Studios and Blake Jorgenson adds COO to CFO title

Electronic Arts is shaking up its executive ranks with new business cards rather than new hires. The publisher today announced a slate of job changes among its leadership team, starting with Patrick Söderlund.

Formerly executive vice president of EA Worldwide Studios, Söderlund is now the company's chief design officer, where he will be responsible for all of the company's titles, working with the marketing and technology teams to create the next generation of EA game experiences.

Former executive vice president of global publishing Laura Miele will handle some of Söderlund's former responsibilities as the publisher's new chief studios officer, a position putting her in charge of EA Worldwide Studios.

Chief financial officer Blake Jorgenson is keeping his role, but also assuming the role of chief operating officer, where he will now oversee business development, corporate development, and worldwide customer experience teams as well.

In other executive movement, Chris Bruzzo will retain his chief marketing officer title, but will lead a newly formed marketing, publishing and analytics group as well. Finally, EA Worldwide Studios chief operating officer Matt Bilbey is joining the executive team as executive vice president of strategic growth, where he will further develop the company's Origin storefront as well as its competitive gaming and Asian expansion strategies.

"Change in the gaming industry is accelerating, with more disruption expected in the next 5 years than the last 45," EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in announcing the new positions. "We must position ourselves for continued transformation and leadership."

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