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Altered Ventures fund has $36m to invest in projects for emerging markets

Emerging markets are a "special focus" for new fund from Streamline Media Group and Mountain Nazca

A new VC fund, Altered Ventures, has $36 million to invest in new projects, with a specific emphasis on developers based in or targeting emerging markets.

Altered Ventures is a partnership between Streamline Media Group and Mountain Nazca. Streamline is based in Kuala Lumpur and Mountain Nazca is based on Mexico City, but Altered Ventures will also have an office in Silicon Valley.

"Our investment thesis is fair to developers and very concrete, since we provide real cash-flow for development and marketing," said Mario Valle-Reyes, co-founder of Altered Ventures, in a statement. "It's also very attractive to investors, because they don't need to wait five to eight years to see their returns as with traditional venture capital."

The fund has $36 million to invest, with what it has described as, "a special focus on emerging markets."

Altered Ventures also detailed its "non-traditional VC investment model", which will provide 100 per cent of the funds for development and publishing in exchange for a revenue share from the project's top-line. Typically, this kind of fund would offer investment in exchange for equity.

We recently spoke to Streamline Media Group CEO Alex Fernandez about the growth of SE Asia as a market for the games industry, and the central role that Malaysia has played in that growth.

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