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Tencent opens up WeChat to external game developers - report

Messaging platform's one billion MAUs can now play third-party games

Tencent has opened up WeChat to eternal developers, in order to create a gaming ecosystem on the hugely popular messaging platform.

According to a report from the South China Post, Tencent announced last month that it will earn between 30 and 50 per cent of ad revenue generated by the games. It will also receive 40 per cent of revenue from in-game transactions.

Tencent proved the potential of WeChat as a gaming platform with a title called Tiao Yi Tiao, which has amassed 100 million DAUs since it launched in December last year - a big number, but still a small portion of WeChat's one billion MAUs.

According to the South China Post, a new wave of games was released on April 4.

Facebook has made a similar push on Messenger and the platform's News Feed, rolling out a number of titles under the Instant Games banner. We spoke to Facebook's Leo Olebe about the initiative at the time of its launch.

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