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David Eddings joins Rooster Teeth Games

Former Gearbox executive signs on to be head of game publishing for multimedia content brand

Rooster Teeth has found an industry veteran to help oversee its foray into indie game publishing. The company today announced that former Gearbox VP of business development David Eddings has joined Rooster Teeth Games as its head of game publishing.

Eddings spent over a decade with Gearbox working on a variety of licensing efforts, whether they saw the studio offering its IP for others (comics and toys based on Borderlands and Duke Nukem) or securing rights for other parties' IP (an ultimately abandoned project based on the Michael Mann film Heat). Several years before joining Gearbox, Eddings also served a stint at Gathering of Developers as director of marketing.

In his new role with Rooster Teeth Games, Eddings will work to flesh out the company's catalog of indie games and establish ties throughout the independent developer community.

"I'm excited to join the talented folks at Rooster Teeth," Eddings said. "As a studio, RT's already a juggernaut in online entertainment and creating a game publishing arm is a logical next step. We have a few spots to fill in our lineup and are actively looking for innovative, independent developers who want to be a part of this amazing Rooster Teeth family."

As Eddings pitches Rooster Teeth Games as a publishing partner, no doubt he will focus on the discoverability opportunities afforded by Rooster Teeth's YouTube subscriber audience of more than 35 million people. As for how effectively it can do that for indies, potential partners will soon have a Rooster Teeth Games track record to assess; its first title from an outside developer, Invisible Collective's twin-stick shooter Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza War, arrives on Steam next week.

Rooster Teeth took its first step into games last year with its internally developed RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Steam, Xbox One and PS4. The company's expansion to publishing games from other indies was originally announced in January.