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Nexon acquires iDCC, renames it Nexon Thailand

Thai online games publisher will expand Nexon's presence in Southeast Asia

Nexon has completed its acquisition of Thailand-based publisher iDCC.

The firm originally bought a 41% equity stake in late 2016 and more recently acquired the remaining 51% of this stake, as well as the Thai goverment's approval to operate in the region.

With iDCC fully under Nexon's control, the company will be renamed Nexon Thailand, and will handle the publisher's business in Southeast Asia - a games market the firm reports is growing by more than 45% per year.

Nexon Thailand already has a slate of games to publish before 2017 is over, including mobile titles Durango, Dark Avenger 3 and Point Blank: Strike. It will also be bringing Tree of Saviour and Nexon's flagship franchise MapleStory to Thailand.

"We see an immense growth opportunity in the game market in Southeast Asia, especially in mobile, which is why we originally invested in iDCC," said Terry Noh, who has been appointed COO of Nexon Thailand.

"We plan to make Thailand a publishing hub for the entire region and will support local developers to expand their content worldwide."

Isra Taulananda has been named CEO of Nexon Thailand.

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