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One Special Day set for September 29

SpecialEffect charity sets £100,000 goal as companies donate the day's revenue to further accessibility in games

SpecialEffect is bringing back its One Special Day fundraising event. The charity today named September 29 as this year's One Special Day, in which an assortment of companies throughout the games industry support the charity through auctions, bundle sales, or by pledging to donate their revenues from the day.

Last year's inaugural event set a fundraising goal of £25,000, but far exceeded that figure, bringing in more than £90,000 to support SpecialEffect's goal of helping severely disabled people of all ages to enjoy video games. This year, the charity hopes to bring in £100,000.

Helping it to reach that mark will be dozens of industry players both big and small, including Electronic Arts, GAME, Twitch, Sega, Yogscast, Humble Bundle, Devolver Digital, Rare, Bandai Namco, Frontier, New Star Games, First Touch Games, Ripstone, Nomad Games, nDreams, Curve Digital, Bossa Studios, The Chinese Room, and more.

"One Special Day is a key event in the SpecialEffect fundraising calendar," said SpecialEffect's Nick Streeter. "It's a day when the games industry can get behind us and celebrate another year of us helping make their video games accessible to people of all abilities and ages... The success of One Special Day is particularly important in light of larger, non-gaming charities seeking support for their work from the gaming community and games industry. As THE gamers' charity we're looking to inspire the industry to rally to our cause and support disabled gamers in the UK and all across the globe."

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