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G2A receives Business Insider innovation award

Controversial retailer recognised for “new and unconventional methods” to grow company

Online retailer G2A has reportedly been honoured by Business Insider with an award that commends the company for bringing fresh ideas to its market.

According to an official press release from G2A, the firm has received Business Insider's Innovation Initiator award for its "its strong focus on innovation and the research and development of new products, services, and solutions."

The retailer adds that the award has previously been given to companies that "use new and unconventional methods to succeed and effectively grow their companies."

The press release goes on to list all the various products and services G2A has launched over the past seven years, including payment gateway G2A Pay and its developer and publisher program G2A Direct.

The award will no doubt be met with a raised eyebrow from many games industry execs - the retailer has been the centre of controversy in recent years over allegedly enabling users to sell illegally acquired digital game keys, creating a grey marketplace that is damaging developers and publishers.

The firm's senior account manager Mario Mirek found himself defending against these accusations at Reboot Develop back in April. In a session hosted by our then-European editor Dan Pearson, Mirek insisted G2A is not a grey marketplace but that "people just don't understand our business model".

It's a misunderstanding that has created rifts between G2A and notable games firms, such as TinyBuild and Gearbox Software, the latter of which issued an ultimatum urging G2A to change its business model back in April.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, a number of prominent indie developers believe G2A's tarnished reputation can still be salvaged if they "just stop being shit."

G2A finished the award announcement with a pledge to "further add to and expand its product portfolio, and continue on the path of being an initiator of innovation."