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Gamer Network signs live-streaming specialists Loots for US and UK sales partnership

The company offers 'Sponsored Tips' on the streams of 15,000 influencers

Streaming sponsorship firm Loots has picked's parent company to represent the service in the US and UK.

Gamer Network will support the company that specialises in 'Sponsored Tips'. That's where advertisers pay for the viewers' donations in exchange for screen time on the livestream. The company views it as a 'performance-driven alternative to influencer marketing'.

Loots works with 15,000 streamers across most streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube Gamer, Mixer and Smashcast. The way it works is that when consumers donate to their favourite streamer, they are able to send a message to them and it would appear on the livestream. Now advertisers can use this to send a branded message onto the screen.

Gamer Network will help the company with its sales objectives, and introduce new ad formats and campaign models. Both companies have already enjoyed a successful trial period together.

"We were looking for a powerful partner with the drive and experience to handle Loots' increasing inventory of more than 10m daily viewers - and we found Gamer Network," said Loots co-founder Marc Fuehnen. "With this partnership we will be able to dramatically scale our business in 2017.

"2017 has been an exciting year for Loots so far, and it will even get better. Together with Gamer Network we will roll out new campaign models and a full array of beautiful new ad formats in Q3. Find us at E3 if you can't wait to see it."

Gamer Network CEO Rupert Loman said: "The Loots user base is phenomenal and growing at an incredible rate, and we're proud that they have chosen us to handle the commercial development in the US and UK. Loots adds an exciting and unique new dimension to Gamer Network's existing portfolio of market-leading websites, video channels and events."

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