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Vive doubles the number of games on its subscription platform

And that includes non-Steam games

HTC is significantly ramping up its VR subscription service, which gives gamers access to a range of titles for a monthly fee.

The firm has added 75 new titles to the service, which effectively doubles the number of games available to over 150. This includes VR experiences that are only just making it to the Western world, and are not available via Steam.

Viveport is HTC's online store, which primarily focuses on non-gaming applications in markets where Steam exists.

Viveport Subscription - to give the service its full name - launched in April and costs $6.99 a month. There's no word on what the uptake of the service has been yet.

"With Viveport Subscription, we want to give customers an easy and affordable way to experience more amazing VR content for a low monthly fee," said Viveport president Rikard Steiber. "We are doubling the number of available titles to over 150 with new bestsellers and a wide range of content available in the West for the first time. We want to offer VR developers the most ways to monetize their content, and they now have an additional channel to reach new audiences and generate more revenue."

New games on the service includes ROM: Extraction, Knockout League, Overkill, Cosmic Trip and Sairento VR. It joins the likes of Tilt Brush, MakeVR, Everest VR and theBlu.

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