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Ex-EA Chillingo marketing boss opens new consultancy

HeyStephenHey offers 24 years of marketing experience to indie developers and publishers

Former Marketing Director at EA Chillingo, Stephen Hey, has set up a marketing consultancy dedicated to video games, with the aim of providing 'plug-in' marketing expertise for independent developers and publishers.   Stephen's experience spans 24 years of promoting games, starting with Ocean's 'Jurassic Park' in 1993, all the way through to games like this years 'WarFriends' on mobile. He provides marketing guidance and expertise for teams at any time in a game's lifecycle from steering the initial marketing vision all the way through to launch into console, PC or mobile markets.

Services offered cover everything from defining market position and consumer profiling early in development, to full marketing strategies, plans and platform pitches, closer to launch. With a career that covers PR, advertising and marketing, combined with established industry relationships with key partners such as Sony, Apple and Google, Stephen has a wide perspective to deliver impactful results for clients.

"I've always loved working in games but always wanted to work with independent developers who are rich in ideas but don't necessarily have the resources for full time marketing teams. This role allows me to work with developers and publishers who are developing some of the most creative and innovative games in the industry and I can't tell you how exciting that is," said Stephen.

HeyStephenHey is based in Manchester, UK, but Stephen works with clients from all around the world. Although Stephen will focus on marketing he has a wide network of support companies from asset creators, such as CGI houses or video production studios, to PR and influencer companies, that Stephen can plug into wider marketing campaigns.