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Nintendo shuns N++ Switch port in favour of "games that will sell systems"

UPDATE: Metanet has clarified this was Nintendo's stance prior to Switch launch, more "optimistic" about port now

UPDATE: Metanet commented underneath the original Destructoid interview we linked to, offering more context.

Nintendo's stance on looking for games that would be system-sellers actually emerged during discussions prior to Switch's launch, much earlier in the year. The response to the Reddit thread has helped drive further talks between Metanet and the platform holder, with the developer reporting Nintendo "seem pretty pleased with the response from fans of N++".

"We're optimistic about the future and hope to have good news to share soon on our twitter," the post concluded.

ORIGNAL STORY: An internet campaign to bring N++ to Nintendo Switch has revealed the platform holder's priorities, thanks to a reply from the developer.

In a Reddit thread started to drum up enthusiasm for a Switch version of the indie platformer, Metanet Software co-founder Mare Sheppard said the studio has yet to receive approval from Nintendo for such a release, Destructoid reports.

"Nintendo has to give the go-ahead before we can get started developing or porting, and although we've been talking to them for a couple of month, they said they are focusing on games that will sell systems," she wrote.

To an extent, this is understandable. With the initial wave of excitement for Switch now waning and only a handful of first party releases on the horizon, starting with a souped-up version of Mario Kart 8 this week. With only Splatoon 2 and Arms to keep Nintendo fans happy until Q4 brings Super Mario Odyssey (and no doubt some other, currently unannounced titles), the platform holder will be keen to bring third-party software that will maintain and drive interest in its new console.

However, this is likely to frustrate independent developers keen to get onto the new platform and it would be interesting to find out how Nintendo judges which titles are likely to sell hardware. has reached out to the firm for comment.

Sheppard did stress that Nintendo's approval was not the only thing holding back a Switch port of N++. She reveals the game is actually quite difficult to bring to other platforms as it is built in a custom engine and its seemingly simplistic graphics are generated by a complex rendering system.

Funding is also an issue. Metanet invested everything it had into the development of previous N++ releases and is "still in the red".

"We think expanding the audience will eventually help, but it's tough because we need money to get to new platforms," she writes. "And of course, we can only bring the game to platforms where it's reasonably likely we'll at least break even."

The support shown in the Reddit thread has encouraged Metanet to explore other avenues of sourcing the money required, with Sheppard even saying it may consider crowdfunding.

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