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Introducing the 100 most influential people working in the British games industry

After months of nominations, voting and interviews, here is the 100, in association with Amiqus

Lists such as these are more than just a means to say well done to the talent that exists within the business. This isn't just a list for people to take home and show their mums.

Of course, it is that as well, but it has a deeper purpose. All 100 people on this list are remarkable in their own ways, and their stories are fascinating.

I loved discovering that Debbie Bestwick - OBE and CEO of one of the UK's fastest growing publishers - began her career with a summer job at an indie retailer she ended up running.

I couldn't help but admire the fact Gavin Price, studio head of Playtonic, got his break in games development because he served Rare employees during his part-time job at GAME and ended up testing some of the most famous games of 1990s.

I'm also impressed by the number of industry veterans who began their careers at Future Publishing - and were interviewed for that job down the pub.

Some of those on this list are tech wizards and borderline geniuses, but most are those that worked their way in at the bottom and rose to prominence through hard work, persistence and a love of games.

Some are towards the end of their careers, while others are in the middle of them, launching initiatives or studios and trying to change the industry all over again.

So I challenge you to read through this list and not feel inspired to go and do the same.

How the 100 was judged

We had 398 submissions for the 100, which were obtained via a lobbying process that ran throughout January - with additional recommendations from the trade bodies.

The only stipulation was that the people had to work in or with the British games industry - nationality does not come into it. Gamer Network employees were not permitted on the list.

In fact, although there is a large number of British men that made the 100, we're pleased to see a variety of names who are neither of those things.

After researching the biographies of the submissions, we then asked our judging panel to help narrow it down to the final 100 you see here. Nobody could vote for themselves.

The judges were: Agostino Simonetta, Barry Meade, Caroline Miller, Chester King, Chris Lee, Debbie Bestwick, Gina Jackson, Henrique Olifiers, Hollie Bennett, Ian Chambers, Ian Livingstone, Jas Purewal, John Clark, Keith Stuart, Kirsty Rigden, Margaret Pearson, Marie-Claire Isaaman, Martyn Gibbs, Miles Jacobson, Noirin Carmody, Oli Welsh, Paul Gardner, Rhianna Pratchett, Roy Stackhouse, Sam Barlow, Shahid Ahmad, Veronique Lallier.