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DomiNations' lifetime revenue passes $100m

Historical mobile strategy game celebrates two-year anniversary with 32m players

Nexon has announced that DomiNations has generated more than $100m in revenue since its launch in 2015.

The mobile strategy game, which sees players build an empire that evolves from the Stone Age to the Space Age, was developed by Big Huge Games and has been a crucial pillar in the Korean publisher's plans to expand into the Western market.

DomiNations has gathered an audience of more than 32m players since its launch two years ago this month, most significantly in the US and Europe - markets in which Nexon's titles have previously struggled to make as much of an impact as in territories closer to the company's home.

Over 25m of DomiNations playerbase is in the West, with a still-not-too-shabby 7m players across Asia. Nexon now considers the game to be one of three success stories when it comes to "sustained engagement", placing it alongside long-running titles MapleStory and Dungeon&Fighter.

It helps that Big Huge Games is a Western developer, based in North America, whereas the other aforementioned Nexon titles are developed in Asia. The firm has been investing in more Western games, including LawBreakers - the debut title from Cliff Bleszinski's new studio Boss Key Productions - and Cambridge-based toys-to-life developer PlayFusion.

"Nexon games are well-established with millions of deeply engaged players in Asia," said Nexon president and CEO Owen Mahoney. "The success of DomiNations in the US and Europe, is a proof point in our strategy for growing our business and engaging Western players with high quality games backed by a steady flow of new content."

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