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Peter Moore bids the game industry farewell

"If you work in the industry, I am in awe of what you do in bringing games to life in ways we could have only dreamed of a few short years ago"

After announcing in late February that he'd be taking on his dream job as CEO of the Liverpool Football Club, long-time video game executive Peter Moore has issued his final goodbye to an industry he left an indelible mark on. Although it had been thought that Moore would continue in his role as chief competition officer at Electronic Arts until June, he announced that today (April 14, 2017) was indeed his last day for the publisher. He also shared a video compilation of some of his fondest memories in the business (which you can view at the bottom of this post).

"From the advent of online gaming (albeit via a 56K modem), to the 'console wars', and now to games as 365 days a year, live experiences, I have been fortunate to have borne witness to the amazing growth of this, our wonderful gaming industry. During my days at Sega, Microsoft and EA, I have worked with some of the smartest, creative, and innovative minds on this planet. Hundreds, if not thousands of whom I am honored to call 'friend'," Moore wrote.

"I shall miss everything about this industry each day henceforth. If you work in the industry, I am in awe of what you do in bringing games to life in ways we could have only dreamed of a few short years ago. If you are a gamer, take a deep breath and a moment of reflection occasionally and admire the incredible creativity of the medium you love. And if a game disappoints, provide constructive feedback, not the vitriol that is unfortunately so prevalent nowadays."

Looking back at moments like his infamous Halo 2 and GTA IV tattoos, portraying a zombie in a House of the Dead film adaptation or being parodied in a South Park episode, Moore is one of a few executives who've become true characters and earned celebrity status in this vibrant industry. Even so, Moore believes he was just the one to make presentations on behalf of everyone he worked with.

"I am crystal clear in understanding that I was merely the front man for your brilliant achievements, the 'suit' that sometimes did goofy, cheesy stunts and speeches to draw attention to your phenomenally creative talent," he continued.

"I move on now, not to a job, but more of a calling. With one more crank of the self-reinvention wheel, I am taking on a new and unique challenge, one that's roots are embedded in my heart. To everyone that I have had the privilege of working for, with, or at times, against, I love and cherish our time together. To my family, that has supported me as I traveled and worked longer hours than maybe I should at times, I love you and thank you for your patience and tolerance."

Moore may have just been the "suit," but he was one of the most charming and friendliest executives you could ever meet in the games biz. Some journalists remember him fondly for being a "quote machine," but that's only because he spoke from the heart in the numerous interviews he did. While he always made sure to get the company's talking points across, he did so in a way that usually involved a nice dose of his own wit and unique industry perspective. will miss Moore, the industry icon, yes, but we will also miss Moore, the person -- a man who fittingly will now guide the soccer club from his own hometown. Best of luck, Peter!

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