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Retail model is "broken" for developers, says Playdead

Limbo dev sees installing console games as another inconvenience of the old boxed market

The boxed retail model is no longer viable for the development community, according to Playdead boss Dino Patti.

Speaking to our sister site, Patti suggested physical distribution is outdated, and he hopes that future consoles will take download models much further than current offerings on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

"The retail model has always been and still is broken, from a developer's point of view," said Patti.

"Driving discs in a big van all over the world is really inefficient. I don't understand how anyone can make money out of this. Driving a truck to Japan just to get it delivered to people when they can get it from the net? Hopefully the new consoles will embrace the download space even more."

Playdead's Limbo was a smash hit on Xbox Live Arcade, before being ported to PlayStation Network and PC this year.

Consumers have shown they are embracing downloadable games and content, but recent demands for console players to install games before playing is a step back, according to Patti.

"There will be discs for a long time from now, but the world has adopted download. When your mum and dad start to download things, that's when it's everybody who does it.

"I only buy the disc if I want a console game, but everything else I download from Steam. And all the new games today also need to be installed. Why did I get a console if the games need to be installed? That really sucks. That's a PC," he added.

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