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Call Of Duty vets launch social start up

Welch and Archer working on a new first person free-to-play social game

Dusty Welch and Chris Archer, formerly of Activision and the Call Of Duty franchise, have launched new studio U4iA Games, which is working on a new free-to-play social game.

"We founded U4iA Games to satiate our passion for creating new IP and game experiences while honing in on the industry's sweet spot," said CCO Chris Archer.

"Many studios are making casual games for a core audience.  We're making core games for a social audience."

Welch takes the role of CEO, and the pair have 34 years between them working on titles like COD, Doom, and Guitar Hero. They describe their new title as a "hardcore freemium, first-person social game." It's due for release in 2012.

"U4iA Games is grounded in the insight that core gamers desire robust, social gaming options on social networks and mobile devices," added Welch.

"Playtime and dollars are starting to migrate from console to casual and/or mobile gaming and a new segment is emerging - the Hardcore Social Gamer."

So far U4iA Games has raised $1.5 million in angel investment.

"Chris and Dusty's proven track records for developing new IP and hit franchise games like Call of Duty and Spider-Man, combined with their deep understanding of the industry, make U4iA Games the one to watch," said Larry Goldberg, President and CEO at TuneWiki.

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