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WildTangent Android games service launches

Rent or buy mobile titles from curated app service

WildTangent has launched an app service which allows users to rent or buy Android games from a tightly curated selection of the 13,000 titles available on the system.

The service takes games from many of the platform's biggest publishers and presents them in a way designed to deal with one of the biggest problems for Android developers: discoverability.

"Just like movies and music, consumers prefer to own some titles, rent some and watch some for free, and we've brought these same options to games," said Wild Tangent senior VP Sean Vanderdasson.

"With our new Android service, game developers will expose their games to the widest audience possible, using the most comprehensive business model in the games industry."

Between 75 and 100 titles will be featured on the service, VentureBeat reports. Prices, paid in the company's WildCoin virtual currency, start as low as $0.25 for a 24 hour rental.

WildTangent already runs a similar browser service which amalgamates various games into a portal, and also owns patents on the rental of games using digital currency - a move which could prove remarkably prescient should the service become a success.

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