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Outfit7 and its Talking Friends hit 225 million downloads

Talking Tom developer ready to expand the brand beyond smartphones

Outfit7, developer of the Talking Tom app for smartphones, has seen 225 million downloads of its range of apps for iPhone and Android.

Talking Tom, an animated cat which records and then repeats the users words, launched in 2007. He has since been joined by the likes of Lila the Fairy, Gina the Giraffe and John, John and John the Bacteria.

"These numbers are getting us into a very different stage and kind of company," Outfit7's executive chairman Narry Singh told GamesBeat.

"Our users' lives are obviously not just on the smartphone."

In June Outift7 signed up with talent agency William Morris Entertainment, with plans to expand the brand to the television and film markets.

"We fundamentally believe that for the next Harry Potter … the likelihood of it coming from the mobile market will be much higher than traditional ways."

Outfit7 is careful to cross promote its apps, and 51 per cent of users have purchased two or more games from the series, while 20 per cent have downloaded at least four. The company has around 60 million monthly active users.

As well as the Talking Friends series, Outfit7 also publishes games Firefly Hero and House Of Mice for iOS devices.

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