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GREE to launch new mobile gaming platform by mid 2012

Company plans to combine leverage of OpenFeint with GREE network

GREE is planning to launch a new mobile gaming network by the middle of 2012 combining the reach of the recently acquired OpenFeint network with the Asian market covered by GREE's own service.

GREE acquired OpenFeint in April, 2011 for $104 million with the aim of extending market reach into Europe and the US. The new network will be a global operation focused on free-to-play titles.

"This new platform allows our partners to focus on increasing engagement and revenue, while continuing to offer the most comprehensive free-to-play gaming experience," said GREE CEO Naoki Aoyagi.

"The new platform will leverage OpenFeint and GREE assets and will bring together Western and Asian mobile social markets with a goal of reaching over one billion users."

GREE recently adjusted its fiscal projections for the year ending June 2012, upping operating profit predictions by 40-50 per cent to a total of ¥60-70 billion.

The company has expanded worldwide operations by opening several international offices this year, with branches in the United States, China, Korea, Singapore, UK and the Netherlands. A Brazilian office is planned for completion soon. Currently the network reaches 150 million players with 7,100 games.