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Square Enix logs 6 month profit of ¥3.7bn

Deus Ex helps publisher to reach recently doubled profit forecast

Square Enix has recorded a six month profit of ¥3.7 billion, in line with a recently increased forecast. The figure is more than double last year's total of ¥1.7 billion for the same period.

Sales for the half year were ¥57.5 billion, actually a slight reduction from the ¥68 billion for the same six month period last year. EPS for the period was ¥32.13.

Square Enix recently doubled it's profit forecast, a prediction which these results met almost exactly. The profit forecast for the full year now stands at ¥5 billion.

In the report accompanying the statement, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was quoted as having shipped over two million units, whilst smartphones, web-based income and social networks were all cited as growth sectors.

The company's amusement, publishing and merchandising divisions all recorded shrinking businesses. In stark contrast to the recent reports of many Japanese companies, Square Enix's financials actually showed a reduction in costs from currency exchanges, down from ¥2.3 billion to ¥2.1 billion.

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