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Android gaming network Mobage completes beta

DeNA and ngmoco's service preparing for full launch

Mobage, the Android gaming network developed by DeNA, has completed its global beta phase, the company reports.

The service has existed in a lesser form in DeNA's Japanese operations for some time, but the company has leveraged the influence of ngmoco, which it acquired last year, to introduce the service to the west and expand its market.

"Mobage has come out of beta," said ngmoco CEO Neil Young.

"The beta period allowed us to test, refine and prove the service, assuring a superb user experience with Mobage and our world-class suite of games. We now start the process of scaling the service and it is great to already see our games ranking high in the charts."

Over 120 titles are currently either already available or in development for the service, including success stories Zombie Farm, We Rule and Pocket Frogs.