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Telltale responds to Metacritic drama

Devs caught giving their own game a 10 on popular aggregate site

Telltale Games has responded to recent allegations that its employees posted perfect ten scores, for their own game, on user review and score aggregator site Metacritic.

"Telltale Games do not censor or muzzle its employees in what they post on the internet," said the company's official statement.

"However, it is being communicated internally that anyone who posts in an industry forum will acknowledge that they are a Telltale employee. In this instance, two people who were proud of the game they worked on, posted positively on Metacritic under recognisable online forum and XBLA account names."

GameSpot noticed the unusual user scores for Jurassic Park: The Game last week, when the game received four perfect ten scores.

Metacritic users have responded, scoring the game with "revenge zeros" and leading to an average user score of 2.9, based on 79 ratings.

"Two low key developers from the Telltale staff rates the game 10 on the user section of Metacritic, and suddenly you have waves of Internet Heroes rating it 0 to punish them," complained Metacritic user Mangoose.

"Like this isn't something that happens on every single game title released ever, you idiots. Adding a 10 just to mess things up."

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