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GameSetWatch blog closes

Gamasutra offshoot says mainstream sites now cover the indie market

The alternative gaming blog GameSetWatch received its last update last night, announcing there would be no new posts to the six year old site.

Simon Carless, publisher and editor, explained that the site was seeing an overlap with sister blog IndieGames.com.

"We also think that mainstream game blogs are doing a much better job nowadays of including the weirder and alt.links in amongst their gaming news," he added.

"So it's not like GSW is irrelevant as such. But it's never really been that relevant to start with - it's always been an entertaining frippery."

The writing team will instead contribute to IndieGames.com and Gamasutra, while GameSet Watch will be left intact for readers.

"There isn't another gaming blog out there that's quite like GameSetWatch," said Danny Cowan, one of the site's current editors.

"Its closure means that I now have a rather large void in my daily Internet rounds."

Along with Game Developer Magazine, Gamasutra and IndieGames.com, GameSetWatch was part of the UBM Techweb Game Network, which also organises the Game Developers Conferences.

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