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New partnership for Nexon and Perfect World

Online gaming companies establishing new business in Korea

Chinese developer Perfect World and MMO specialist Nexon Korea have joined forces to set up a new online gaming operation in Korea.

"We are very excited about establishing this New Company with Perfect World to bring more of their titles into the Korean market," said Nexon CEO Min Seo.

"This partnership will combine Nexon's deep experience in publishing online games and well-established competencies in the Korean gaming market with Perfect World's rich and attractive content, and renowned R&D and operational capabilities."

Nexon Korea is a branch of Tokyo based company Nexon, which has around 50 games running across 100 countries, including MapleStory and Dungeon and Fighter.

"We are very pleased to build a strategic partnership with Nexon," added Michael Chi, Perfect World CEO.

"This strategic alliance will help us further expand our user base and provide the highest quality services to local players in the Korean market. The introduction of more of Perfect World's online games into the Korean market will help further strengthen our international reputation as a comprehensive online game developer and operator."

Perfect World is based in China and developers games, engines and platforms for MMOs like Battle Of The Immortals.

In September Perfect World created a new venture capital fund worth $100 million to support media and technology companies.

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