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New Kinect hardware for PC allows "close ups"

Modified camera allows for 50cm capture, firmware adjusted

Microsoft has developed a new version of Kinect aimed at Windows PC applications, which will include a new Near Mode for close

"Building on the existing Kinect for Xbox 360 device, we have optimised certain hardware components and made firmware adjustments which better enable PC-centric scenarios," he blogged.

"New firmware which enables the depth camera to see objects as close as 50 centimetres in front of the device without losing accuracy or precision, with graceful degradation down to 40 centimetres."

This will allow for more "close up" use of the technology.

As well as near mode there are simple changes too, like a shorter USB cable, and a dongle to "improve coexistence with other USB peripherals."

Eisler also mentioned the recent launch of the Kinect Accelerator initiative, which will fund developers with Kinect ideas.

"I can't wait to see what they (and maybe you?) come up with!"

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