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Sony charging £4-£12 to play UMD games on Vita

Passport system will let you download digital versions of owned titles

Sony has released a pricing list for its Vita Passport system, which will allow users to download digital versions of their UMD games to play on PlayStation Vita.

Prices for the digital versions of the games appear to range from £4-£12 when converted from the original Yen values. All cost are on top of the original UMD prices.

To enable the process, gamers will need to register and download the UMD Registration Application to their PSP, insert the UMD they want to register and start the application. That UMD will then be uniquely registered to that account to prevent duplication.

200 games from 40 publishers are included in the initial offering, with the most expensive game being Persona 3 at 1500 Yen. A full list of the games has been translated and posted at the NeoGaf forums.

Games registered in this way can also be played in their digital form on PSP or PSPgo.

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