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Konami's half-year profits up to ¥11.5 billion

Strong performance of social sector covers shrinking console business

Konami has made profits of ¥11.5 billion for the first six months of its current financial year, ending September 30, 2011.

The numbers show a huge jump in profits year-on-year, from just ¥4.2 billion for the same period last year, whilst sales remained relatively stable at ¥123.1 billion, up slightly from last year's ¥115.8 billion.

The prediction for full-year sales is a total of ¥258 billion.

The company's digital entertainment arm, which includes the publishing division, raised the largest portion of those sales, at ¥58 billion - with the Health and Fitness arm coming a close second on ¥41 billion.

In pure consumer games terms, however, the company lost a large portion of its revenues this year, dropping from ¥26.7 billion to just ¥17 billion. Revenues from social network associated activities jumped sharply from ¥5.1 billion to ¥16.9 billion.

Less than a year ago, at the end of December, 2010, Konami had just over two million registered players of its social titles. Now, it has close to 12 million. Konami's games now occupy slots one through five on the charts of Japanese social operator GREE.

Dragon Collection is the publishers biggest social title, whilst PES remains the company's best selling traditional game.

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